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“It is not always easy, but it is far easier than the alternative.” At the same time, Dew has reiterated traditional LDS teachings, affirming marriage and parenthood as normative.

In October 2001, Dew affirmed that motherhood is “the essence of who we are as women” and preached on the topic, “It is not good for man or woman to be alone.” The dissonance between these ideals and Dew’s singleness has made her vulnerable to criticism.

Is singlehood a condition to be frowned on and pitied, or could it be accepted as normal–perhaps even celebrated?

Video: A Mormon Female Trio Sings About Needing a Man Authors Marybeth Raynes and Erin Parsons trace LDS statements against singlehood back to 1831, when Joseph Smith penned a revelation for Leman Copley, a former celibate Shaker, declaring that “whoso forbiddeth to marry is not ordained of God, for marriage is ordained of God unto man” (D&C ).

During the April 2011 priesthood session of general conference, President Thomas S.

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Larson, chair of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at BYU, made headlines at the university’s paper, the , by stating that LDS singles needed to put more thought and preparation into marriage.Young pointed to data showing that “single women over 30 have higher levels of education, occupation, and Church activity than single men.” Consequently, Young cautioned, “If never-married men were to arise from the dust and seek marriage, we can only wonder who they would go out to marry.

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